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tiNiWorld Edutainment Center , owned by N KID Corporation, was first introduced to the Vietnam market, as a concept of playground for kids which incorporates education and entertainment, in 2009 with a very simple mission :

Create a safe, healthy, fun, international and community environment for all children to play, learn and develop utilizing the Edutainment methodology

With that mission as its guide, tiNiWorld has continued to pioneer and expand its network of edutainment centers in order to cater to the growing demand for edutainment activities of kids and their families. Currently, tiNiWorld Edutainment Centers spans across Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Binh Duong with plans to continue its expansion across all major cities and provinces of Vietnam in the years to come with the objective of providing every child an opportunity to experience tiNiWorld.

- September 12, 2009 : tiNiWorld Eden Mall opens to a crowd of over 500 kids and 750 adults on the first day 

- October 31, 2009 : tiNiWorld Eden Mall is attacked by the Candy Monsters from tiNiPlanet and loses its colors, thanks to the help of the kids from Vietnam, the colors of tiNWorld was restored in the 1st annual Hallow-tiNi Party. 

- December 17, 2009 : tiNiWorld launches the first tiNiShare program called Sharing Tree; in collaberation with Maison Chance, tiNiWorld closed its doors to the public for a day and welcomed over 150 underpriveledged kids to enjoy a memorable day of learning and playing at tiNiWorld, which concluded with a special visit by Santa Claus and the four tiNi characters (juNo, teRa, kiLo, and piCa)

- February 2010 : tiNiWorld welcomes in the Year of the Tiger with two weeks of pre and post-Tet ceremony and festivities! 

- April 22, 2010 : tiNiWorld Phu Tho opens 

- April 30, 2010 : tiNiWorld NOWZONE opens

- May 2010 : tiNiWorld introduces its first annual summer sports program, tiNiSport, in partnership with Phan Dinh Phong Sport, Saigon Sports Academy, and Ho Chi Minh City Basketball Federation

- August 2010 : tiNiWorld Citi Plaza opens

- September 2010 : tiNiWorld Ly Thuong Kiet opens

- October 2010 : tiNiWorld Binh Duong opens

- November 2010 : tiNiWorld Syrena Hanoi opens

- January 14, 2011 : tiNiWorld Pasteur opens 

- February 2011 : tiNiWorld launches the tiNiShare program called Toy Bank, in which customers from tiNiWorld contribute toys at all tiNiWorld location; these toys are consolidated and donated to various children charity organizations throughout Ho Chi Minh City on International Children’s Day on June 1st 

- May 2011 : tiNiWorld launches its first “Parenting Seminar” by [Ms. Nga] for the parents of the tiNiWorld with interesting hot topics such as “blah blah, blah”

- July 2011 : tiNiWorld Parkson Tan Binh opens

- September 1, 2011 : tiNiWorld Pico Mall Hanoi opens

- October 1, 2011 : tiNiWorld Rach Mieu opens

- September 8, 2012: tiNiWorld Can Tho opens

- September 22, 2012: tiNiWorld Parkson Tan Binh is back

- October 6, 2012: 13th tiNiWorld at Indochina Plaza Ha Noi

- December 29, 2012: tiNiWorld Da Nang opens



tiNiWorld strives to share a key role of shaping the childhood experience of children in Viet Nam.


Create tiNiWorld Edutainment Centers for children to Play and Learn in a Fun, Safe, Healthy and Community environment.